Taik Sin Timber Industry Sdn Bhd

The Group's history began in 1970 with the founding of Taik Sin Timber Industry Sdn Bhd by Goh Choe Tiak.

The company was one of the first pallet manufacturers in the Klang Valley Today.

Taik Sin Timber Industry has grown to become one of the major wooden pallet suppliers.

With our extensive knowledge and experience of the pallet industry, we are able to manufacture large quantities of pallets based on customers' specifications.

Our Core business is pallet manufacturing and pallet repair service.

Our pallet repair service is an integral part of our Repair & Recycle Programme aimed at conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

With this programme, the Taik Sin Group has become a one-stop centre for manufacturing, repair and recycling of pallets.

The Group has two pallet manufacturing centres in Port Klang which are located on 1 acre and 2.5 acre site respectively. Total workforce for the Group is more than 60.


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